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C.C.C. Mong Man Wai College

(004) MMWC2014

C.C.C. Mong Man Wai College has always been one of the title contenders in many Scrabble competitions. From time to time, it spends quite a lot on running a quality Scrabble squad. In 2010, it began holding interschool Scrabble championships for secondary schools once every year.

C.C.C. Mong Man Wai College’s Invitational Scrabble Championship requires the participants to compete on a 5-round, individual basis. Each school is allowed to send 3 to 5 players to compete in the Junior/Senior Secondary category. All players pair with each other according to their performance in the previous round, except for the first round where random drawing is adopted. The group winners of each category are decided by the total number of wins the best 3 players from the same school have accumulated throughout the 5 rounds of play. The individual awards, namely Scrabble King or Queen and Scrabble Masters, are given away to the top 3 players who finish with the best individual winning percentage and spread respectively.

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