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1st Hong Kong International Crossword Contest



On July 9, 2013, Hong Kong Crossword Club held its first international contest in which the participants were required to race against each other in a brand-new invented crossword game that could be seen as a variant to the most popular household board game in the world, i.e. Scrabble.  According to the rules of play, the overall winners of the day were solely decided by the total accumulated score in 5 rounds, regardless of the number of wins obtained.

The competition featured a number of 24 contestants coming from different countries and cities in action. Every player went to word wars against each other for the title and the cash prizes in which the overall champion was entitled $4000 U.S. dollars, the first-runner-up $2000 U.S. dollars and the second-runner-up $1000 U.S. dollars.

After 5 rounds of play, Tony Sim (Singapore), Johnson Tsang Chung Ting (Hong Kong) and Warodom Geamsakul (Thailand) became the champion, the first-runner-up and the second-runner-up respectively.

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