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“Hong Kong International Scrabble Competition hosted by HKCC is a biennial event and usually held in late July or early August.”

The total number of letter tiles : 107 tiles/ set
1 extra tile of each of J, K, Q, X, Z
2 extra tiles of the Blank

9 tiles played on the rack —– To score a bonus (bingo) of 50 points, all 9 tiles must be used up to make a word in one turn of a game.

House Rules

To increase the level of difficulty, some adjustments are needed to make the competition more challenging! The Club's chairman or secretary has every right to deduct a 50 percent of score for a phony that was previously played by any contestant, but is later found by the Club's staff Virtually speaking, it is easier to form 7-letter words with the 7 extra tiles in the game so there is a change of the Bingo ...

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